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Earth Science Syllabus

Lab Safety 

Fire Drill Location



Chapter 1:  Introduction to Science and Maps

Chapter 1 Folder

Density Folder

Interactive Map for Lat and Long

Chapter 1 Jeopardy

Kahoot:  Lat and Long Review

Kahoot:  Latitude and Longitue Coordinates


Chapter 2:  Minerals

Chapter 2 Folder

Jeopardy Chapter 2

Kahoot:  Mineral ID

Mineral Must knows

Mineral help


Chapter 3:  Rocks

Chapter 3 Folder

Kahoot:  Volcanoes

Kahoot:  Igneous Rock Review

Kahoot:  Sedimentary Rock Review

Kahoot:  Metamorphic Rock Review


Chapter 4:  Earth's Resource

Chapter 4 Folder

Chapter 4.1 Notes:  Take two full pages of notes over 4.1 (pages 94 -101) If you do more than two pages you can get extra credit.

Kahoot:  Alternative Energy Sources

Kahoot:  Energy Sources

Kahoot:  Chapter 4 Review


Chapter 5:  Weathering, Soil and Mass Movements:

Chapter 5 Folder

Mass Movement assignment: 

Draw (color), label and explain the following mass movement:

1) Rock Fall (page 145)

2) Rock Slide (page 145)

3) Slump (page 146)

4) Flow (page 146)

5) Creep (page 147)

You may need to look at the diagrams in the Mass Movement PowerPoint.

Kahoot:  Weathering, Soil and Mass Movement

Jeopardy:  Weathering



Chapter 6:  Running Water, Groundwater, Karst Topography & Topographic Maps

Chapter 6 Folder

Kahoot:  Karst Topography

Kahoot:  Water Cycle

Kahoot:  Topo Map

Jeopardy:  Vocabulary Review

Benchmark (Meteorology) Review


Chapter 8:  Earthquakes

Chapter 8 Folder

Chapter 8 Notes:  Take notes over 8.1 & 8.2 (two full pages of notes for notes game).

Kahoot:  Earthquakes



Chapter 9:  Plate Tectonics

Chapter 9 Folder

Kahoot: Plate Tectonics (16/17)

Jeopardy:  Plate Tectonics

Chapter 9 Review Kahoot

Kahoot:  Plate Tectonics

Kahoot:  Continental Drift



Chapter 12:  Geologic Time

Chapter 12 Folder

Jumble:  Law of Superposition (Warm-up)

Jumble:  LOS

Kahoot:  Law of Superposition

Kahoot:  Rock Dating

Kahoot:  Geologic Time


Ch. 14 Oceanography

Ch. 14 Folder

Kahoot:  Ocean Floor


Meteorology (Chapters 17 -21)

Meteorology Folder

Meteorology Review

Chapter 17 Jeopardy

Chapter 18 Jeopardy

Chapter 19 Jeopardy

Chapter 20 Jeopardy

Jeopardy:  Meteorology

Kahoot:  Unit 1 Review

Kahoot:  Weather Vocabulary

Kahoot:  Weather (30 questions)

Kahoot:  Forecasting


Chapter 22:  Origin of Modern Astronomy

Ch. 22 Folder

Seasons explained by Bill Nye

Kahoot:  Sun, Earth and Moon Review

Jeopardy:  Chapter 22

Kahoot:  Ch. 22 Review



Astronomy (Chapters 23 - 25)

Astronomy Folder

Chapter 23 Jeopardy

Chapter 24 Jeopardy

Chapter 25 Jeopardy

Kahoot:  Astronomy

Kahoot:  Astronomy II


End of Year Work:

ABC Booklet Project

ABC Prezi Example

ABC PowerPoint Example 

Cloud Booklet Project

Cloud Booklet Example

VA Tri-fold Project

Chemistry Quiz

Warm-up quiz

Final Review




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